Increase Customers with These 5 Neat Pet Grooming Marketing Ideas

Let’s say you’re ready to ramp up your pet grooming marketing: how do you know where to start? Well, digital marketing is always a must — it’s how you nudge folks to take Fifi to you instead of someone else.

People love to shell out cash on their fur babies — to the point that you’ll work in a $13 billion market by 2028. That means there’s plenty of business to go around, and once you have a solid marketing plan in place, you should be able to reach and start doing business with new clients.

Let’s look at pet grooming marketing ideas to nab customers in a dynamic market poised to grow exponentially.


Pet Grooming Marketing Ideas That Make Ears Perk Up

Standing out in the pet grooming market demands attention to detail, serious effort, and precise tactics. These five ideas help customers spot you first — and get you a much longer waiting list.

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1. Work the Knots Out of Your Business Listings

Your business listings are a snapshot that customers can understand at a glance. Having accurate listings helps you get that click or call when they search for “pet groomers near me” or “dog groomers near me.”

To get the most out of your official business listings, make sure the info customers find is correct and comprehensive so your reputation remains sharp. That means using reviews, photos, maps, hours of operation … the list goes on.

Simple, right?

It’s trickier than it seems — you must guarantee that the information customers find is accurate, especially your business name, address, and phone number (or NAP). Otherwise, they can lose trust in your business.

You’ll need to go beyond your Google Business Profile — which is a crucial first step but certainly not the last. Run a quick scan to see where your business’s data is absent, inconsistent, or even wrong.

A smart listings platform can make correcting, protecting, and controlling your vital info easy.

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2. Make Sure Your Website Works for You

Naturally, you need a website. But your website needs to actively work for you! That means making sure that your site is:

Pet grooming marketing solutions like search engine optimization (SEO) and search ads put your site where people actually see it. Just don’t do it yourself — a ton of effort goes into getting all the details right, for your site visitors and search engines.

And don’t forget about engaging features like photo galleries, blogs, and more to reel in customers. Those features are extra helpful when you want to elevate your pet grooming marketing. Showing customers your expertise with unruly fur certainly can bolster your reviews and star ratings.

Speaking of reviews…

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3. Show Off with Client Reviews

Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most powerful tools in your belt for marketing your pet grooming business.

In one study, 92% of people were more likely to visit a business when a family member or friend recommended it. That means that while ads are crucial, it can be even more valuable to build trust with your customers. It’s a gift that keeps on giving … especially when you’re handling people’s beloved pets.

With that in mind, never, ever neglect reviews — they often lead to referrals that drive customers to your door. Plus, over 99% of customers check reviews before even giving a business a chance. Meanwhile, 96% check specifically for bad reviews.

And that’s all the more reason to collect and post the good ones everywhere you possibly can.

Granted, it’s a lot of work to fetch and post reviews. That’s where a smart reviews platform is a must-have. It takes only a few actions to make the process a breeze:

  • Request reviews
  • Receive reviews your clients submit
  • Post and share the spectacular reviews wherever you can

See how it can work for your pet grooming marketing. Hey, you can even wrangle any sour reviews and create opportunities to improve your online reputation.

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4. Go Social with Posts and Ads

Practically everyone’s scrolling through smartphones to check social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. That means your pet grooming business needs to be there, too — and in an official capacity. In other words, you need bona fide business profiles and a Facebook Page, not just a personal profile.

Once your profiles are set up, have fun with them!

For example, dog grooming marketing ideas don’t get much simpler than posing with pets, mugging with customers, and showcasing goodies. You’ll know what your customers like. Announce holiday deals, spotlight ultra-detailed work, run contests, and get creative. It’s yet another way to increase word of mouth and get your business buzzing.

But only a sliver of your potential customers will spot self-made social posts. To get the most out of social pet grooming marketing and reach a bigger audience of potential clients, you should run targeted social ads while staying active on Facebook and Instagram.

You can reach around 2 billion people with social media ads plus posts — talk about increasing your client base!

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5. Stay Connected with Email and Text Messaging

Your ever-growing list of happy customers is lucrative data — don’t let it go to waste.

Sending automated emails and text messages, aka marketing automation, doesn’t just help you engage customers and offer promotions. It can also increase your revenue!

Per one sweeping survey, 63% of businesses outperform their competitors with marketing automation, and 80% of businesses see more lead conversions.

In short, seize all that marketing automation can offer your pet grooming marketing strategies!

A smart marketing automation platform does the grunt work for you and saves you invaluable time. Just focus on your business while it handles the messaging process:

  • Organizing your current customer lists and adding new customer contacts
  • Sending offer/promotion emails and texts 
  • Recontacting customers at targeted times

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