Capture Customer Data

We make it easy to build your customer contact list

Hibu Assistant makes it easy to build and maintain a customer contact list, pulling data from a wide range of sources including: any current contact lists you have, from your emails, phone calls, purchase records, and positive reviews through Hibu Reviews.
Client adds builds their customer contact list
Positive ratings and reviews gathered through the Hibu's Assistant Product are published automatically to your Hibu website

Engage Customers and Generate Reviews

Automatically send customers review requests, special offers and more

Hibu Assistant automatically requests feedback from your customers and encourages them to leave reviews on Google, Facebook and Yelp. You get notified immediately of any negative feedback, and of any posted reviews, so you can respond appropriately. Positive ratings and reviews are published automatically to your Hibu website, which helps to convert visitors into leads and customers.

Convert Prospects and Leads Into Customers

Automatically nurture calls, emails, and website visitors

When you set up a New Customer Offer campaign, Assistant automatically sends an offer via email or text marketing to help convert first-time leads and prospects (from calls, emails or other new contacts) into customers.
Business partners sending offers to prospect who've left a review on their Facebook page
Hibu Marketing Automation client dashboard

Continuously Re-engage Customers

Keep your customers in an automated marketing loop

Additional targeted offer campaigns can be set up to entice current customers to come back, or to win back lapsed customers. Hibu Assistant sends these automatically to the right contacts at the optimal times. You can also send customized one-time campaigns – to promote special events, sales, etc. – target them to different contact groups, and send them via email or text message (to opted-in contacts).

Watch it all come together

Just hit play and see how Hibu Assistant closes the loop in your digital marketing – continually engaging your customers with offers, emails, and texts to generate leads, customers, and repeat customers.

Assistant FAQs:

Marketing automation is any technology, program or software that automatically performs marketing functions – like sending emails or text marketing messages to customers or prospects – without human intervention.

Marketing automation software can determine who should receive specific targeted marketing communications and when those emails and texts should be sent to maximize response.

For many years marketing automation was seen as something only big businesses needed. Then it was seen as something only the big companies could afford. Today, small to mid-sized businesses are realizing the major impact marketing automation can have – saving them time, growing their business, and increasing customer loyalty.

Small businesses can use marketing automation in many different ways:

  • Email marketing
    Email marketing automation allows businesses to automatically send emails to targeted customers and prospects at precise times with specific messaging. For example, automatically sending “Welcome” emails to first-time customers.
  • Text marketing
    Similar to email marketing automation, text marketing automation send marketing messages to a person’s phone, tablet, or computer at a particular day and time, with a well-timed message. Businesses can schedule these messages to be delivered at the exact time when the recipient is most likely to respond to the message, reminder, or offer.
  • Customer reviews requests
    One of the most useful uses for marketing automation is automatically asking customers for a rating or review. These review requests can be sent via email or text and timed to go out when the customer is most likely to give a positive review. For example, customer review requests can be sent automatically at the successful completion of a project.
  • Special offer communications
    With marketing automation you can schedule marketing communications months in advance, setting them to automatically reach customers on those days when you want to send them offers – holiday discounts, seasonal offers, anniversary specials, etc.
  • Customer loyalty campaigns
    Perhaps the most beneficial use of marketing automation is the simple, basic ability to maintain constant communication with your customer base. Businesses can automatically send emails at specific intervals – weekly, monthly, annually (for seasonal messaging). This way, customers feel that you care about them and you maximize customer loyalty, which in turn increases repeat sales.

Marketing automation addresses the two top challenge most small businesses face… not enough time and not enough customers.

With marketing automation, a small business can maintain a constant customer communication loop – staying in touch with established customers, building customer loyalty, and using customer reviews to attract new customers. Plus, according to a recent study, email marketing automation has been show to generate up to six times the revenue. And all of this is done automatically, taking little or no time away from day-to-day business tasks.

While the benefits of marketing automation are easy to see… a small business trying to get started on their own could find it less than easy to pull off. The business will need to Identify who to mail to, what to mail to them, and when the email will have the best chance to generate results. In addition to all that, you’ll need to create content – email text, videos, whitepapers – that will appeal to your audience. In most cases, it’ll be easier and more effective to partner with someone (like Hibu) who does all the work for you. Hibu Assistant, for example, does everything listed above and also provides 24/7 analytics on your campaigns.

image representing automated marketing loop

Hibu Assistant is an integral part of a synchronized digital marketing solution

Solutions copy for Assistant

Your digital marketing is more effective if it works together. So, when all of your digital marketing is with Hibu, Hibu Assistant works in sync with your Hibu Reputation, Listings, Reviews, your Hibu Website and Hibu advertising campaigns to deliver increased results.*
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*Hibu data comparing conversions on websites with, and without, Hibu Reviews, Jan.–Jun. 2020