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Video: How to make the most of your Facebook Page



Social media isn’t just part of your personal life today — it’s an important part of your marketing plan, and a great way to broadcast your message to your customers online.

But with all the things you can do on your Facebook Page, what are the go-to tactics that you should use all the time?

Watch this quick video to see what your local business can do to make the most of your Facebook Page. Whether you post to Facebook every day or every week, these simple steps can keep your Page up to date…and your customers, fans and followers coming back for more.

[Video transcript]


4 ways to make the most of your Facebook Page right now

  1. Communicate changes to your status — Open or closed, new hours, making deliveries, etc.
  2. “Pin” a post to the top of your Page — Use a “pinned” post to keep important updates visible
  3. Post often and try selfie videos to speak to your customers
  4. Use it as two-way communication — Respond quickly and use Messenger


Position yourself now for when we all get back to “business as usual”