Hibu Smart Sites are mobile-friendly, voice optimized and more

Hibu Smart Sites are designed to be easy to for your customers to use — so you can increase engagement on phones, tablets or good old desktops. Plus, they’re built to optimized for voice search!

Built with “Enhanced Responsive Design”

Hibu Smart Sites are built with enhanced responsive design, which means that no matter what kind of device your visitors are using – any phone, any tablet, any desktop – it will be easy for them to use your website.

Plus Hibu Smart Sites are designed to give your site visitors the most important information the second they come to your site, so they don’t have to scroll forever trying to find what they want.

Your Hibu Smart Site gives you a great visitor experience. Better search rankings. Simple click-to-call buttons.

Your business needs a site that looks good on every screen...gets recognized by search engines... helps you distribute your correct business information across the Web... and speaks directly to each of your visitors.

A Hibu Smart Site gives you all that — and it all starts with one-on-one, expert service. We'll work with you to learn about your business, make sure you're happy with your new site, and help you make any changes and updates you need as your business grows.

See how your digital marketing scores – in just seconds!

You’ll find out exactly where your business needs help online, on mobile, on social and more.

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