5 Best Practices for Asphalt Paving Websites

Sidewalks to driveways, parking lots to road patches — you can do it all. And you do it expertly. Now you just have to let people know that you’re ready to help them when they need you. You might think that having a great asphalt paving website guarantees that people who need your services will find you — and find you before your competitors!

But, in reality, creating a money-making paving company website isn’t as cut-and-dry as you might think. And even though there are a lot of DIY options out there, you most likely shouldn’t do it yourself – not if you want reliable results. (Think about all the DIY paving options out there… and we know how well they work.) Partner with a digital marketing company to make sure your site checks all boxes and generates the leads you need, even when you’re facing major competition.

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Smart Paving Company Websites: Your Quick Checklist

Just like you have protocols in place when doing a job, your website must follow these five crucial best practices.

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1. Must be Mobile-Friendly

Mobile devices shoulder over 50% of all web traffic. In other words, your current and potential clients definitely use their phones to search for services!

When asphalt paving websites (or any business websites) look odd or are awkward to use on mobile, people don’t remain on your site for long. They usually exit it ASAP. Does your website load in three seconds or less on a mobile device? It should — over half of users leave when it doesn’t.

It boils down to having a paving company website that looks and performs beautifully on mobile devices. When yours doesn’t, you lose countless opportunities to attract clients. If you already have a site and feel skeptical, check its mobile performance with these tips.

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2. Must Work with Voice Search

More and more today people use voice search to look for nearby services — in fact, it’s second only to checking the weather. So, if your asphalt paving website doesn’t appear in customers’ search results when they use voice search, you miss another serious load of potential clients.

Of course, like all web-centric technology, voice search parameters evolve, so your site must stay up-to-date. Having an updated mobile-friendly design plus voice search capabilities puts you ahead of the game.

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3. Must Be Optimized for Search

This one’s a biggie because it runs through every part of your digital marketing efforts.

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves using keywords and phrases to make your site rank better in search engine results.

It’s one more reason to work with digital marketing pros who focus on maximizing your SEO every day. It’s almost impossible for any small business owner to have the time or expertise to run their business and optimize their SEO.

SEO is one of the most lucrative marketing investments you can make to stand out among other local asphalt paving websites. Few things are better for business than your website ranking higher than the massive company down the street!

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4. Must be Loaded with Details and Visuals

In design terms, paving company websites run the gamut from in-your-face to the bare minimum. Your site should hit a careful balance. Ideally, it should feel right for your industry and location while speaking to your local audience and quickly giving them the details they need.

At a glance, clients must see who you are, what you do, and how to contact you. Great asphalt paving websites include your name, logo, and contact info on every page. They also show photos, videos, and icons — especially credentials, licenses, and insurance specifics. Plus, they should include great customer reviews…

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5. Reviews. Reviews. And More Reviews. 

As a rule of thumb, paving company websites should always display reviews!

Word-of-mouth marketing is priceless. Reviews and recommendations come from real people, real customers – and potential customers appreciate real-world feedback much more than ads. By highlighting reviews, you instill trust in your company from the second a prospect looks at your site.

A whopping 99% of people check online reviews and star ratings before locking in on a business! That alone is plenty of reason to make sure your site has them immediately visible.

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Get a Smooth, Solid Asphalt Paving Website with Hibu

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