Local digital marketing powered by advanced technology

Our accumulated data, machine learning and AI is your competitive advantage.

Whether it's a Hibu Smart Site, Hibu Search, or any other Hibu product, our cutting-edge digital marketing technology gives your small business a big advantage.

To effectively reach customers today you need to precisely target the prospects you want and put your business where they are online — on search engines, top sites, social pages and apps — whether they’re using search or voice search. That's what we do — utilizing advanced machine learning and AI, we deliver increased results by maximizing the impact you get for your marketing budget.

Future-proofing your marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI), voice search, secure websites, schema mark-up, messages from Social marketing – technology is constantly changing. We make sure your digital marketing not only keeps up with all the latest changes, but also leverages the newest tech to maximize your marketing results.

Big tech, lower cost, local impact

We have years of experience working with hundreds of thousands of small businesses across the country, so you get all the advantage of everything we’ve learned along the way—we know what works for local businesses just like yours. Plus, you also get the benefit of advanced platforms and sophisticated systems at an affordable price.

Complex systems optimizing your campaigns

All of our digital marketing solutions are designed to work with the complex technology that runs the web, to maximize your results. We work with companies like Google and Bing to develop automated systems that simplify campaign set-up, ad creation, search optimization and more — all in an effort to grow your business online.

You get instant access to the latest tech

By partnering with Hibu, your small business gets access to affordable marketing services that would be otherwise too costly for you to buy on your own. Plus, our scale gives us the ability to make new technology available to you faster. And, this way, you’re not locked in to tech you’ve purchased – we ensure that your marketing will continually evolve to reach your customers and prospects.

Smart Digital Marketing Made Easy

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