What are Keywords

What are keywords? 30 Seconds Smart Video


Ask any small business how they get found online and chances are you’ll hear “keywords” right up there with “Google” and “Facebook.” But what exactly are keywords? Are they different when you’re talking about finding your website vs. triggering your pay-per-click search ads, or when someone is searching for your exact business vs. any business that provides your services?

Take 30 seconds to watch this short video about how keywords help a local business get found online, and how the different types of keywords and different uses of keywords can help your local customers find your business.

[Video transcript]

What are…”Keywords”?

Keywords – The words or phrases people enter in search engines when searching for a product, service, place or thing (“Pet care near me”)

Short-Tail Keywords – One- or two-word phrases people search for when searching for what you do

  • Veterinarian
  • Dog care
  • 24/7 care
  • Pet surgery
  • Vaccinations
  • Cat care
  • Emergency care
  • Pet food
  • ABV Certified
  • Pet boarding
  • Walk-ins Welcome


Long-Tail Keywords – Specific phrases or sentences that help people find more targeted results

  • Quality pet care in Tilboro TX
  • Preventative pet medical care
  • Pet dental cleaning services
  • Service pet training
  • TX board certified veterinarians
  • Emergency pet care in Tilboro TX
  • Long-term pet boarding
  • Pet wellness programs
  • Affordable financing plans


Where to put keywords – Keywords need to be included throughout your website

  • Title & meta description
  • Headlines
  • Paragraph text
  • Photo “alt tags”


Keywords – Words or phrases, typed or spoken, by people searching for your business that help improve your results in search and search marketing…that’s what “Keywords” are.