7 Social Media Pointers for Tow Company Marketing

Let’s face it: Needing a tow truck isn’t exactly a planned event.

But when a motorist is stranded with a flat tire, dead battery or other mechanical mishap, they’ll definitely need a plan. And their first step should be calling your towing company.

That’s why you want your tow company’s name to be top of mind among local drivers.

To achieve that and to succeed in today’s digital world, your business must have a strong online presence — including active social media accounts

Social media gives you powerful platforms and options:

  • To connect with potential customers 
  • To build trust and brand awareness
  • To establish your company as the cape-wearing hero in their roadside misadventure 

But navigating the social media marketing world may seem overwhelming at first. Still, it can actually be a rewarding and fun way to connect with the people who are most likely to need — and use — your towing services.

We’ve put together this list of seven proven towing advertising ideas and tips to help steer your business to social media success.

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1. Choose Your Social Platforms Wisely

Focus on the social media platforms that are most appropriate for the services you’re selling.

For instance, Facebook offers a great way to connect with a ton of potential local customers. Meanwhile, you can’t go wrong with Instagram when it comes to posting visual content.

And speaking of visual content…

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2. A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Clicks

Adding photos to your posts not only grabs attention but also helps build trust and credibility.

Use visually compelling photos and videos to showcase your towing fleet, professional team and satisfied customers. Highlight the range of services you offer, from roadside assistance to vehicle recovery, to generate more leads and cash calls.

While you’re at it…

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3. Show Your Human Side

People connect with people!

Use your towing company posts to share team member profiles and stories — they add a much-needed human touch to your brand. After all, we’re talking about “social” media.

Also, keep in mind that when motorists are stranded, they welcome friendly faces behind the wheels of tow trucks. So help them get to know your team’s faces before they run into a roadside problem.

You’ll also kick-start positive reviews and word of mouth — and they’re priceless.

"I just wanted to say it has been really nice working side by side with [Hibu] during this process of upscaling Alternative Heavy Towing. They make a 100% effort to provide you with the right stepping stones for your business and your budget."

- Alternative Heavy Towing, Phoenix, AZ

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4. Engage With Your Audience

Sure, you want to use social media for tow company marketing — but your business’s social media should always be a two-way street.

Building a connection with your audience fosters loyalty, so interact with your social friends and followers:

Even more important, respond promptly to any negative feedback and customer complaints. And do so with professionalism and empathy. 

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5. Enlighten Your Customers With Useful Content

Content is king in the digital marketing world. That means your social media posts need to be about more than just your towing and roadside assistance savvy.

Take the opportunity to share posts with useful information that educates and informs.

We’ve got a few suggestions:

  • Share valuable information on breakdown prevention, winter car care 
    or what to do in an accident 
  • Offer vehicle maintenance tips to showcase your team's knowledge and know-how
  • Tell interesting automotive industry-related stories

You’ll position your towing company as an industry authority, making it easier to convert your followers into customers.

And when the need for your towing services arises, how do they find you? Glad you asked…

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6. Use Local SEO Strategies

To target customers in your area, optimize your social profiles for local search metrics. Of course, that’s a tall order.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of Hibu’s key areas of expertise. We’ll partner with you to create towing ads and posts that check crucial boxes:

  • Target your service area with keywords and phrases
  • Use location tags and relevant city/town hashtags to ensure people searching for local towing services find your social pages and website 
  • Encourage customers to check in or tag your towing business when they enlist your services

These SEO strategies provide a big boost to your local search rankings, credibility, and overall brand awareness

"In today's digital landscape, online presence is paramount for success, and [Hibu] excels in enhancing it. They showed exceptional understanding of my inquiries and addressed my specific requests with care. Their attentive approach ensures that our needs are heard and met, even when dealing with minor details."

- Two Bit Tow, Haltom City, TX

And that brings us to the final step in achieving tow company marketing success on social media.

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7. Track and Analyze Results

Once you’ve put effort into creating compelling social media posts, you’ll want to know whether your investment is paying off.

That means you have to regularly gauge what is and isn’t working.

If you’re a Hibu client, you can use your Hibu Dashboard to track your social media marketing efforts and how they contribute to your towing advertising.

Pay attention to which types of content get the most engagement from your followers — photos, videos or regular posts? Note which social platforms drive the most traffic and leads.

With these insights, you can fine-tune your social media strategy over time for maximum engagement. If that all sounds a bit daunting, no worries — Hibu will help you optimize your social media efforts.

Here’s one final word of advice…

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Be in It for the Long Haul

Social media marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Consistency is key.

Keep posting regularly to engage your customers and build a robust online presence. For greater reach, use paid social ads, towing service posts and SEO strategies together.

When appropriate, tailor your towing ads to specific scenarios, keeping your brand in mind.

You might promote roadside assistance during peak travel season or offer vehicle recovery discounts after severe weather hits.

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Optimize Your Towing Marketing on Social Media With Hibu

Now … are you ready to rev up your social media engines?

Hibu has the expertise to make your social media presence a powerful part of your digital tow company marketing — and position your business to turn frustrated drivers into loyal customers.

In fact, we specialize in digital marketing for towing companies and a range of automotive services.

Speak with us today about how social media, including towing ads, reviews, and SEO, can help your business grow online.

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