6 Best Practices for Carpet Cleaning Website Design

When you run a carpet cleaning business today, having a website as part of your integrated digital marketing is critical. Not having one could actually cost you money – and so could having one that doesn’t deliver customers. 

Building a website may seem easy, but there’s a very good chance that a do-it-yourself website won’t deliver the results you need.

Professional carpet cleaning website design is by far the best way for customers to find your site when they search. And once they find you, they’re more likely to keep coming back because using the site is a genuinely easy experience. But more than anything else, good website design helps convert website visitors into quality leads and customers.

So, what characteristics do the best carpet cleaning websites share? What features draw in users and make them customers?

Here are six best practices for carpet cleaning website design. 

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1. Avoid a Crowded, Confusing Layout

First impressions make all the difference. You probably have just a few seconds to grab the visitor’s attention, or they will click away to a competitor’s site.

Your carpet cleaning website needs a clean, straightforward layout. We don’t mean it has to be dull — we mean we mean that careful thought went into its design.

An overly busy website can be way too “in your face,” overwhelming and jarring. It tries to tell you too much too quickly and ends up driving visitors away — and your prospects won’t trust it or you.

With most customers spending only a few seconds on a site, you definitely can’t afford to have potential customers taking one look at your site and going to a competitor.

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2. Ensure Your Site can be Found with Voice Search

Voice search is booming — and your carpet cleaning website design must keep up.

Today, customers use voice search anywhere and anytime. Recent statistics show about 58% of customers regularly use voice search to find nearby businesses, so your smart carpet cleaning website needs to have voice search capabilities built in.

Without the necessary code built into your website design, you’ll miss a massive chunk of your target audience. (A DIY site probably won’t deliver the right tech like a professionally designed site will.)

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3. Must be Mobile-Friendly

Statistics show that at least 63% of people used mobile devices to search for local businesses — back in 2021! By 2025, about 8 billion people worldwide will own and use mobile devices.

So, if your carpet cleaning website doesn’t look professional or perform smoothly on mobile, you’re bound to lose business. It’s a fact that desktop computers and mobile devices load and present websites differently. You’ve probably run across a site not prepped for mobile, too—a tell-tale sign is having to zoom in to read text).

Sites that aren’t mobile-friendly just look wrong and frustrate customers… and they’re likely to find a site that’s easier to use from one of your competitors.

In short, make sure your carpet cleaning website design includes a mobile-friendly design. That one factor can make or break attracting potential customers.

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4. Use Photos and Videos

The best carpet cleaning websites use media carefully, with skill and aesthetics in mind.

Professional web designers can create photo and video galleries, animations, and interactive elements to make your site pop — tastefully. One clear, well-placed banner pic might welcome a customer onto your site and then encourage them to look further, and then contact you. Videos can quickly show exactly what your business is capable of, introduce your staff, or dramatically show the difference between before and after you did your job.

There’s a reason professional web developers and graphic designers are pros. They’ve earned their stripes, and they know the ropes. When you work with them, they’ll bring that savviness to your carpet cleaning website design.

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5. Display Your Key Info Clearly

One crucial point of any business website is to convey your business as a well-run entity, starting at your homepage. Quickly and clearly show who you are, what you do, and how to reach you. When customers scroll through your site, some points should be clear on every page:

  • Your business name
  • Your logo
  • Your contact info
  • Customer reviews
  • Hours of operation

These are what customers look for straight away. Again, first impressions are priceless — carefully dictating what customers see when they click is a must.

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6. Invest in SEO for Powerful Results

You might have the slickest, fastest, most engaging carpet cleaning website design. But it’s not going to do you much good if few customers see it. That’s where SEO comes in.

Carpet cleaning website SEO includes a variety of tactics that dictate how highly your site ranks in search results – mostly through careful keyword research and integration (weaving those keywords into the text on your site).

Of course, today’s SEO involves a lot more than that, but here’s the core: SEO determines search engine results, and SEO services maximize your site’s SEO. It might be the single most important part of your website, in terms of both customer-facing and behind-the-scenes components.

With about 68% of all online visits starting with a search engine, carpet cleaning website SEO is invaluable. It can determine whether customers spot your site at all.

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