What makes Hibu Smart Sites smart?


The majority of websites today simply aren’t built to give you the best ranking in search or to get you found with voice search ­— but Hibu Smart Sites are!

Hibu Smart Sites have advanced technology that 80% of websites don’t have, helping Smart Sites perform better than other websites* — simply put, they communicate more information to Google, increasing your search ranking and your visibility in search and in voice search.

And that’s just the start. Hibu Smart Sites are custom-built for your business AND the design is based on what we’ve seen work best for your specific industry. It’s built to feature the right types of engagement and content for your vertical — presenting you in the best possible way, maximizing conversion…and giving you more leads!

Watch the short video above to get a quick look at everything that’s built into Hibu Smart Sites… and see for yourself what makes Hibu Smart Sites smart.


[Video transcript]

What makes Hibu Smart Sites Smart?

Smart =  A whole new way to build websites

Hibu Smart Sites have advanced technology that 80% of small business websites don’t have — helping increase the visibility of your site

Smart = Built for two audiences

Your site must talk to people
Hibu Smart sites are custom-built for your business, designed for your industry and built to increase engagement.

Your site must talk to search engines
Hibu Smart Sites give search engines a lot more information.

Smart = More leads

Hibu Smart Sites help make you more visible in search… are optimized for voice search… help drive more visitors to your site… do more to engage visitors… and help generate more leads.

Smart = Synchronized digital marketing

Hibu Smart Sites are in sync with your Google My Business page and Facebook Page and your information on more than 60 key sites.

So any changes you make to your business information will be updated everywhere that matters online in just minutes.

Smart =

  • More visibility
  • More visitors
  • More engagement
  • More leads

Smart = Hibu Smart Sites

Hibu Smart Sites are a central part of our synchronized digital marketing solutions.

See how all our digital marketing products work together to maximize your results. Visit us today at Hibu.com.