More foolish digital marketing myths for small businesses

It’s no joke — saying goodbye to these marketing myths can help boost your business online

We’ve highlighted some foolish digital marketing myths before, but there are 3 truths in online marketing:

  1. What used to work is always changing
  2. There’s always something brand new
  3. There’s a LOT of misinformation about both

Catching on to what works now can mean the difference between building your bottom line…or feeling like your online business is a punchline. Here are some quick facts to help you have the last laugh.


Foolish SOCIAL Myth:

“I’m already on Facebook — I don’t need any help there.”

It’s funny because it’s true: social media is changing all the time. In fact, Facebook just announced some major changes to how they serve up content (including whatever you’re creating to promote your business). To keep up, you need dedicated, professional help managing your social media, including getting the basics right:

  1. Setting up a Facebook profile
  2. Setting up a Facebook Page for your business (yes, this is different than a profile!)
  3. Posting relevant, timely and engaging content regularly to your Page (whether it’s your content or curated content from other sources)…and crossposting to and from your other social media
  4. Using ads and boosted posts to reach new and existing customers on Facebook


It’s hard to synchronize all of those efforts, and harder still to do them well — and chances are you don’t have time for either while you focus on running your business.


Foolish WEBSITE Myth:

“I have a Facebook Page — I don’t need a website anymore.”

Don’t be so sure! There are plenty of reasons why your small business still needs a website, including:

  • Building your credibility
  • Meeting your customers’ expectations
  • Having full control over your visual brand (remember, Facebook doesn’t let you customize things like your Page colors)


Facebook wasn’t intended as a replacement for your website, just like having a website isn’t a reason not to use social media. Today, you need a site AND social to win.


Foolish MOBILE Myth:

“No one has complained about my mobile site — I’m sure it’s fine.”

Maybe no one has complained because they can’t find your mobile site.

Google is busy rolling out their mobile speed update, which could decrease your website’s ranking on both mobile devices and regular desktop computers — making it harder for your local customers to find you if your mobile site is slow.

And if your customers do find your mobile site, don’t forget that they’re expecting it to load quickly and function well too.


Foolish REVIEWS Myth:

“My customers don’t care about my online reviews.”

Chances are they do care — and probably more than you think!

A recent survey showed that 84% of consumers indicated that they trust online reviews as much as they would a personal recommendation…and 73% say positive reviews make them trust a company more.

Without some valid, recent customer reviews online…or with only negative reviews online…it’s going to be harder to get new customers.


Foolish LISTINGS Myth:

“My business info is correct online — I just fixed it on Google.”

Maybe you did! But what about all the other places your customers might look for you — like directory sites and even popular apps like Apple Maps? You’d be surprised how many listings there are for your business online — and how many you didn’t create…don’t control…and don’t know how to correct.

On top of that, the average online business listing changes every 6 days. So even the listings you did update may already be out of date again.

You need a solution that can correct, protect and take control of all your listings — otherwise, things can start to look a little funny online.


Bonus — Foolish CUSTOMER Myth:

“My customers just aren’t online / aren’t looking for me online.”

This myth seems true to so many small businesses — especially if you’ve been in business for a while. But keep in mind that even if your current customers are finding you through traditional media (or because they’re return customers)…there are so many more potential NEW customers who are looking online almost exclusively.

And your customers who are online may be reaching out to you already. Make sure you check your email, social messages and more every day (or better yet, multiple times a day!).


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