See how your online business listings change over time

Your business info could be wrong on sites, directories and apps…

Here’s something most local businesses don’t think about: even if your business name, address and phone number is correct online today…it might not be tomorrow.

Or next week.

At least not everywhere your customers are looking for you online.

Watch this short video to find out how often your business could be listed with the WRONG information online — and what you can do make sure it’s corrected, protected and under your control.

Did you know…? Local businesses like yours have autogenerated listings online, on social media and more. If you’re not taking control of your most important online business information, someone else could be — and they might not have the facts right.

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[Video transcript]

Your online listings could be changing…soon.

Have you ever wondered where the internet gets all its information?

Have you ever looked for a local business online and found conflicting data?

Worse yet, have you ever seen conflicting information about your OWN business on different websites?

The internet is filled with a variety of attributes about a business.  Tax forms, social media, review sites, directory publications, news outlets, your own website, call center records…you name it!

Even consumer suggestions play a big part in the information that’s shared online.

If your hours aren’t updated somewhere and a consumer sees that you’re closed, they may suggest new hours of operation.  But maybe you were only closed that day due to a holiday…

Having all this data at our fingertips seems to make life easier…unless the information is WRONG!  Then it just becomes a source of frustration!

Let’s take a look at a local deli and see how their business information changed over time when the business owner did nothing to manage his online listings.  We only looked at the Name Address and Phone Number on 11 sites over the course of 10 months.

On September 11, 2015, you can see all 11 sites show this local deli with all their information listed correctly…

On average, a business’s name, address or phone number is changed online once every SIX days!

That’s 61 times per year!

That could be 61 opportunities LOST….each year!

Unfortunately, there’s no roadmap to know when online sources will update information, so it’s difficult as a busy business owner to stay on top of it all.

That’s where Hibu can help.  Hibu Listings Management makes sure your information is CORRECT, CONSISTENT….and puts YOU in CONTROL!