5 Pest Control Website Design Tips

Termites. Ants. Mice. Cockroaches. Mosquitoes. Heck, even wildlife.

You’ve seen it all — and then some. Lucky for you, that amount of hands-on experience is exactly what consumers are looking for on pest control websites.

And as a local business competing with bigger regional and national brands (not to mention plenty of other local pest control businesses), it’s especially important that your website is designed to impress. From your actual site design to the content on your site, you need to do more than just cover the basics to win new business.

These five tips will make your pest control website appealing, easier to find online and more likely to deliver good ROI.

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1. Use Smart, Clean Design Concepts

This tip is short, sweet and to the point. And that’s pretty much what great pest control websites should be.

A clean, minimalist design can help your clients find what they need right away (and start to paint a picture of the clean, pest-free property they’ll enjoy after they hire you). Every visual element, from your color scheme to the page layout to the fonts you choose, ties into your site’s feel and usability. (And never underestimate the importance of usability!)

With that in mind, a ton of thought and work goes into making a seemingly “simple” website. If you’re not a professional web designer, hitting the mark can be trickier and much more time consuming than it seems. Do-it-yourself sites often just don’t make the grade.

That’s why we recommend partnering with a digital marketing company. It makes sense to work with pros who specialize in making sure a site’s done right — from top to bottom.

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2. Include Optimized, Engaging Text

Once you have a good-looking site, how do you make sure clients (especially local clients) see it when they search?

That’s where your pest control website design must harness on-page and off-page search engine optimization (SEO).

Now, SEO is crucial, but it’s hard to master, and often beyond the capabilities of a DIY website tool.

Like creating top-notch visual web design, researching and writing search engine optimized text are jobs that the pros simply do better and faster. And they’ve got the time and expertise to do it! They handle pest control website SEO while communicating exactly what you want (and need) clients to know.

Plus, SEO ties to all other digital marketing channels, so it’s good to get it right, right away— and to make sure it continues to stay up to date. Because search engine algorithms change, specialists regularly review and refine a website’s text. And they continue optimizing that text as pest control website keywords change (both the text you and your customers see on each page... and the text that only search engines see behind the scenes).

With SEO-primed and engaging text, clients will have a far better chance of finding your site when using search engines. And over time, your site can be right where you want it to be — near the top of search results, way above your competitors’ pest control websites.

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3. Share Videos and Pictures

Of all these pest control website ideas, this one might seem the most obvious.

You know clients want to see your hard work and satisfying results, so add high-quality videos and photos. Then, clients can really see your business in action.

Plus, great media integration doesn’t just add that badly needed visual presence — it also involves both user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). And those strategies are critical to how your site appeals to clients — and to keeping them on the page.

So take clear pics and videos of your staff powering through tough jobs. You can also spotlight especially difficult or disgusting projects. It’s a fact that gross stuff gets attention!

Those engaging galleries keep clients captivated and show them exactly what you’re ready to wrangle. Get that word of mouth marketing moving!

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4. Showcase Your Key Business Information

What info is absolutely invaluable on the best pest control websites? That’d be your key business information (like what’s in your online business listings).

To really boost local search, make sure clients can find this information quickly:

  • Your business name and logo (on every page)
  • Your business address / service area
  • Your contact information
  • Your hours of operation

The best pest control website design puts the info clients need to know front and center, including:

That’s by no means a comprehensive list, but you get the gist. You don’t want clients scrolling around looking for your phone number when they’re in a rush.

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5. Link to Your Other Marketing Channels

Tie your site to your other digital marketing efforts to really up the ante. The best pest control company websites do this, and it can make a world of difference.

For starters, make sure your site includes a link to your social media accounts.

And don’t forget those client reviews. They benefit pest control websites more than you might imagine (and they can also hurt a site that doesn’t have any reviews). So when you have satisfied clients, show them off by linking to or sharing their reviews directly on your website!

Remember — clients trust other consumers more than they trust ads. Those reviews can make or break your online reputation.

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