The Best Electrician Websites Have These 5 Things In Common

Try a quick exercise: search Google for “electricians near me.” Then click on the first few non-ad (aka organic) local electrician websites that appear.

What about these websites seems appealing or unappealing? Does anything make you skeptical of these electricians’ skills or make you want to close the window ASAP? What catches your eye?

There’s a good chance you’ll notice similar things on the best electrician websites, from easy-to-find contact information... to clear lists of services and prices... to recent reviews from their customers. And in a highly competitive market, a great website makes a world of difference.

But how can a website amplify your business presence? Well, no matter how small your business is, investing in modern electrician website design helps you stand out. It’ll also help your site rank higher in search results — and that’s a huge benefit.

Of course, a ton of forethought goes into building a website that truly checks all the necessary digital marketing boxes. That’s one reason we recommend not doing it yourself.

Let’s look at five factors that go into great electrician websites.

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1. Loading and Looking Great on Mobile

Imagine how many people you see staring into their smartphones every day. Well, that’s where they’ll likely turn when they look for local businesses.

But compared to desktop computers, smartphones and tablets load websites differently. For example, have you ever run across a site with cramped text or images that don’t fit on the screen while using your phone? That site probably wasn’t built to be mobile responsive.

Mobile-friendly website design isn’t just a nice to have — it’s a must today. And that’s why electrician websites have to act fast and load smoothly on mobile devices.

As you’ve probably experience yourself, few things say “look elsewhere” more than having to pinch-to-zoom to find basic contact info on a website.

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2. Having Voice Search Capabilities

The same customers who search for local businesses are using voice search more frequently on their phones and in their vehicles. That could mean Google Voice Search, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri … long story short, hands-free is where we’re headed.

The best electrician websites have built-in voice search tech. This gives you a major advantage  — no matter what kind of voice-enabled device a customer searches on.

After all, appearing when your competitors don’t is always rewarding. And on top of voice search, a site that loads seamlessly and looks fantastic helps seal the deal with prospective customers. Partner with a digital marketing company and they’ll optimize your site for search engine rankings via voice search, too.

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3. Using Photos and Videos Tactfully

Have you ever clicked a site and met the dreaded “wall of text”? Don’t get us wrong — written content is a must — but an appealing website balances info and imagery.

That brings us to digital media, like photos, videos and audio. When a customer clicks your site, you want to immediately snag their attention with what will ultimately get them to choose you — your story, your services, and your staff

Use pictures of your building(s), your employees, your trucks, your past jobs and more on your website. Highlight your electricians at work, and post their bios with clear headshots.

The best electrician websites really benefit from this. Especially when you’re entering people’s homes and businesses, these photos and videos on your site are a digital “first impression” that can go a long way. 

Just be careful not to overwhelm your site visitors with too much media, or poorly organized media that becomes a distraction from why they’re on your site (to consider hiring you). Digital media design is a separate skill set altogether, so avoid doing it yourself. A certain artistic touch goes into balancing all the great assets on a website (yes, even electrician websites). And that’s yet another smart reason to work with professional website designers.

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4. Writing and Placing Text Strategically

As far as electrician website ideas go, this might be the trickiest. So let’s start with the basics, and if you get stuck, just ask yourself – “Would this be useful to me if I was on the site looking to hire this electrician?”

For starters, place key text where it makes sense. Your business’s name, logo and contact info should be on every page.

Beyond that, list your services, prices and hours of operation — customers should be able to find them right away. Making them search for information is a quick way to lose them, so keep things simple – a high-level overview of what you do on your home page, and pages for each of your core service areas.

When writing about your business, keep your sentences short and clear. But you can still have fun with words too (and you could even start a blog).

While you want to keep your content clear and direct, you also want your site to be singularly yours.In short, text and media (together) “brand” electrician websites in a way that can makes your business stand out.

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5. Sticking With a Simple, Inviting Layout

How a website “feels” is a real thing, as strange as that might sound. But it’s something great electrician websites lean into.

The visual design of your site is more than just pictures and videos. You want to consider everything your site visitors will see, from the fonts you the size of your you use well as your color pallet and branding elements. And then you have to make sure your content and media fit amongst those elements too – drawing attention where they should, and not distracting where they shouldn’t.

That’s why a simple layout is almost always better. Learning how to apply this “less is more” approach while mixing and matching all these elements takes time — that’s where the professionals come in.

Brainstorm with a digital marketing specialist about how you want your electrician website design to feel. Do you want your site to come across as cool and modern? Personable but professional? Homespun and local? No matter your preference, they’ll listen and work with you to build a good site quickly.

Get Expert Electrician Website Design With Hibu

Some of these points might seem obvious while others may be totally new information to you. But they’re all part of a real formula that makes a local business website outstanding.

At Hibu, we’ll partner with you to create a Hibu Smart Site that conveys exactly what you want and boosts your local search ranking. With our expertise and your electrician website ideas, we’ve got a winning combination.

And we have years of experience building great electrician websites for SMBs just like yours. With custom pricing and unique solutions, we’ll help you promote your business with a versatile, cutting-edge website. Let’s build or revamp yours today!

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