This March, put the digital marketing moves on your competition

To help you make up for the time lost while you and your employees fill out your brackets, we’d like to suggest five basketball-style digital marketing moves you should be making to drive past your competition online.

5 moves to help you score new leads

  1. Post-up – The easiest move in our digital marketing basketball tournament – remember to post to your social media pages. It takes second to post to Facebook but the net gain in customer connection is off the charts.
  2. Ally-oop – Toss your ads to the top of the search results page with a targeted search marketing campaign. Studies show that 67% of all clicks go to the first 5 listings,* so this one is a slam dunk. The quickest way for your business to own the search page.
  3. Three-point play – Combine search, social, and display advertising to drive traffic to your site. The name of the game online is getting eyes on your business – by combining these top traffic drivers, you’re sure to score more lead.
  4. Turnaround jump shot – Customer reviews are a key part of marketing today – after all, a whopping 97% of customers say they look at reviews before making a buying decision.** Of course, just like fouls in basketball, everyone gets negative reviews – the trick is promptly responding to those negatives, addressing the customer’s complaint, and turning it from a deficit to an opportunity to score.
  5. Pick-and-roll – It’s a fact — the majority of people will not make a purchase or contact you the first time they visit your website. Luckily, if you have display advertising, that first visit is just the start of the game-plan. With retargeting, after someone picks your site, you automatically roll out ads that follow them around the web, staying with them until they come back… and you score a sale.


It’s all how you play the game

You’re sure to hook more leads and set-up more sales if you make these five simple moves. Meanwhile, be sure to check out our Digital Marketing Madness brackets and see how your website and Facebook page face off head-to-head.


* Advanced Web Rankings study, 2014
** Fan & Fuel Digital Marketing Group, 2016 survey