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We make it easy to collect and
share customer feedback,
ratings and reviews.

91% of consumers read online reviews when searching for local businesses.1

Most small businesses rely on word of mouth recommendations from satisfied customers. Well today's word of mouth is online reviews — and you need to effectively manage and distribute your customer reviews if you're going to stay ahead of your competition.

Hibu Reviews gives you a simplified way to encourage your customers to rate your service. Then it helps you move that real-time feedback from your customers' phones to your inbox and on to social media — by encouraging customers to post positive reviews to your Facebook, Yelp and Google pages.

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Here's how simple it can be to maximize the
online impact of your positive reviews …

Managing your reviews is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Mobile Online Reviews Step 1

Ask For

You simply hand your
customers a card or email
them a link to your
personal review page,
and ask them for
feedback on the service
you provided.

Mobile Online Reviews Step 1

are submitted

On your review page,
your customers select
1-5 stars, add optional
comments, enter their
email address and click

Mobile Online Reviews Step 1

are posted

If they rate you 4 or 5 stars,
they're asked for a review
for your Facebook, Google
and Yelp pages. 2 If they
give you 1-3 stars, they're
thanked for their feedback
and assured it will help
improve future service.

reasons why
you need

1. Attract New Customers

People looking for local services search for positive online
reviews before making a decision. Positive reviews can be the
difference between winning or losing a customer.

2. Improve Customer Service

Real time feedback helps you engage with your customers by
instantly responding to positive and negative feedback.

3. Simplify Review Sharing

Hibu Reviews makes it easy for your customers to go to your
Facebook, Yelp and Google pages to write a review — and to
share it with their friends on their social pages.


2. Users must have a personal Google, Facebook or Yelp account, and log in to such accounts to write reviews for any business per those sites' policies.

See how easily you can gather and share customer feedback with Hibu Reviews.