Is your business stuck in 2012?


Think back…

What do you remember about 2012? Who won the Super Bowl or the World Series? What long-time institution took its final bow and which modern day institution hit a huge milestone?

Watch this quick video for a fast look back. Things have changed so much… or have they? Have they changed enough? As we start 2019, how does your digital marketing today compare to what you were doing back in 2012? Maybe we need to talk… after you watch the video.


[Video transcript]

Remember way back in 2012

The Hunger Games were new

The Avengers got together for the first time

Giants won the World Series

And the Super Bowl

Encyclopedia Britannica said good-bye to print

And Facebook said “Hello!” to one BILLION users

And you… your business…

… you had a website

Just… a… website

That’s so 2012

Today your business needs more than just a website

If you want to REACH your customers

CONNECT with your customers


Then, you need more than just a website.

Today Digital marketing is


And Social

It’s Display Ads

And Online Listings

And Online Reviews

And yes, of course, you need a website

And it better be great, and it better be Mobile.

And all these different parts of your digital marketing have to work together.

To stay with your prospects as they SEARCH their options

DISCOVER what you have to offer

And ENGAGE with you again and again

If you’re still banking your business on JUST a website…

That’s so 2012.

It’s time to maximize your business online.

Put yourself in front of your customers

And ahead of your competition

Turn your website into the central hub

Of an effective

Business building

Money making

Marketing machine

Because THAT is digital marketing today!