3 things you must be doing now to succeed online


Lots of small business owners we talk with think “I’ve got a website — I’m doing all I need to do.” But in reality, a website alone is just not enough today. The way consumers shop online includes search and social media and customer reviews and more.

Watch this quick video for 3 basic things you must be doing now — and why you must be doing them — to succeed online.



Hi, I’m Natalie, with Hibu! We help local businesses like yours grow online.
For instance, here, three basic things your business must be doing now If you want to increase your online visibility and get more leads.

One: Your online business information — It’s probably wrong. About 95% of people who are searching for a local business found incorrect information

Two: Your website — if it’s more than two years old, it could be seriously hurting your business. Is it secure? Is it built to work with voice search? That’s huge!

Three: Social media — the average user spends almost an hour on Facebook every day. Stop looking at it as silly social media and start looking at it as powerful social marketing.

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