13 Business Superstitions


Big client meeting coming, do you… cross your fingers? Knock on wood? Rub your lucky rabbit’s foot? You may or may not be surprised by the number of superstitions you’ll find in the average small business.

In honor of Friday the 13th — possibly the most popular superstition, in America anyway — we’d like to offer a list of 13 common business superstitions. Some are simply pre-game rituals, but some are a little more… interesting.


Do you have any of these 13 professional phobias…?

  1. Have to wear your lucky suit? Lucky shirt or jacket?
  2. Specific conference room?
  3. Specific seat in the room?
  4. New flowers in the office or shop?
  5. Only start meetings on the hour, or on the half-hour?
  6. Don’t shave? Or shave just before the meeting?
  7. Lucky heels?
  8. Lucky penny (or some other charm) on the desk?
  9. Do you have a particular lucky breakfast?
  10. Only even (or odd) number of people at the meeting?
  11. Take the stairs?
  12. Enter the room on your right foot?
  13. Don’t whistle indoors? (Russian folklore says you’re whistling away your money)

Any of these sound familiar?

All of these have been reported as superstitions people are practicing right now… more than likely today more than any other day of the year.

Before we completely laugh off these particular peccadillos, let’s remember that “superstitions” or rituals can actually be beneficial in the workplace. They help focus. They can help put you at ease before a big event. They help you believe that luck is on your side.

So, here’s wishing your business a lucky Friday the 13th.    <knock on wood>