95% of people searching for a local business found information that was wrong.1

Think your business information is correct? Let's find out...

Keeping your information correct and a whole lot more

Listings match and lock

We’ll confirm your business information and take control of new business listings as soon as they’re online.

Reporting and insights

You'll have 24/7 access to online reporting so you can always see how your online listings are driving engagement.

Branded content

Stand out from your competition by featuring photos, videos, events, menus and more.

Real‐time updates

We’ll make sure your customers see accurate, up‐to‐date information about your business – in search and in voice search! 

Listings are marketing

Turn your listings into marketing opportunities by highlighting promotions, discounts, sales and more.

80% of people lose faith in a local business when their online listings show incorrect information.2

Your online business profiles are changed every 6 days.3

Listings management is an ongoing process.
Stop the process and the errors come back. Without continuous monitoring, changes from third‐party sources can make it harder for your customers to find and contact you. In fact, on average, the business information for your small business could be changed as often as 61 times a year.

Just tell us about your business.
During your consultation call, we’ll verify your business information — like your name, address and phone number — to create your listings profile that will be linked to 60+ top online publishers. Plus, we’ll connect or create your Facebook and Google pages, too!

1"The Guide to Digital Presence Management"- http://www.yext.com/blog/2015/03/yext-survey-results-incorrect-business­-information-online/
2 Placeable Study - https://searchenginewatch .com/sew/study/2338839/73-lose-trust-in-bra nds-due-to-inaccurate-local-business-listings-survey
3 Yext Study, 2016.

A 60-second look at Hibu Listings Management

As a company having our listing accurate and in order is critical to our visibility and ranking. After many attempts with other companies, claiming to be able to solve my problem, Hibu was able to get the problem resolved.

Thomas Rasnick  |  Cleaning By Design
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Establish and control your online foundation

Your business listings are just one part of how people see you online

Building your business online today starts with establishing a solid digital foundation. Generally, when someone searches for you online, they see two things…your online listings and your customer reviews – together, they’re the cornerstone of your online foundation.

For better or worse, they can make or break your business’s digital first impression. That’s why you need a simple, all-in-one solution that lets you take control of your online reputation.

Hibu listings management product icon

Hibu Listings

Hibu Reviews product icon

Hibu Reviews

Hibu Reputation product icon

Hibu Reputation

With our Online Foundation SolutionHibu Listings, Hibu Reviews and Hibu Reputation – we give you what you need to establish, maintain and control your business information online. It gives you a single, easy-to-use dashboard to monitor your listings and reviews, respond to customers, and manage your online reputation.

Take the first step

Let’s set up a time to talk about Listings Management and all the ways we can help you grow your business online!


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