Video: Is your digital marketing ready for tomorrow?

Here’s a simple truth about promoting your business online:

“Your digital marketing works better when it works together”

That’s true for “the big guys”…and it’s true for local businesses, too.

In fact, a synchronized online marketing plan can be the difference between a handful of leads that keep the lights on and a steady flow of clicks, calls and visits that truly boost your business.

Watch the video to see why your website, social marketing, online business information and more need to work together today…and start thinking about what that could do for your business tomorrow.



[Video transcript]

When someone searches for your business online, what do they see?

If they go to your site or social or find you with Google… if they ask Siri or Alexa…will they easily find you? Will the information they get be correct?

Today, customers look for your business in so many ways. It’s not enough today to just have a pretty website or a social media page.

Today, you need a site and social with the same branding, images, and offers, loaded with five-star reviews. You need correct information across the web. You need ads where your customers will see them.

And all these different parts of your online marketing have to work in sync to generate leads and grow your business.

Luckily, at Hibu, we do all this for you. We’re your one-stop-shop for everything you need to get more customers.

  • We’ll make sure your information is correct wherever and however customers are searching for you with search or voice search. And when you make a change like your hours or your offer, it will be changed everywhere that matters.
  • We’ll design your digital marketing with essential components of SEO to ensure consumers are able to easily find you on apps like Google Maps.
  • We’ll help you generate and share positive reviews and take control of your online reputation.
  • We’ll place ads on Google, Yahoo and Bing… on Facebook and Instagram… on the web’s top sites and popular apps.

And of course, we’ll build you a website — a cutting-edge, mobile-optimized, secure website that delivers a great user experience on any device. Written and designed to engage your visitors and convince them to choose you, not your competition. A website built for today and for tomorrow, with the latest tools like onsite appointment scheduling and pop ups that keep your customers on your site.

When it comes to digital marketing, tomorrow is already here, and if you’re not staying ahead… you’re falling behind.

Artificial intelligence, voice search, site security warnings —  the changes are coming so fast, you can’t possibly keep up.

So we do that for you. We partner with digital leaders to keep our technology cutting edge and your digital marketing future proof. We’ve built tens of thousands of websites and ad campaigns for local businesses just like yours.

But we never forget that every business is unique. We’ll work within your budget to achieve your business goals, and we’ll continue to work with you as your business grows and your needs evolve.

Talk with us today and see how easy it can be to have effective, affordable digital marketing that works for you now and in the future.

Hibu. Digital Marketing Made Easy.

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