Bombadier Painting

Hibu Client Conversation: Bombardier Painting

Jason Bombardier of Bombardier Painting was kind enough to spend some time talking about his success with Hibu. Listen as Jason describes the “before and after” impact of full-service digital marketing for his painting business...


  • The marketing challenges Bombardier Painting had before Hibu
  • The way Hibu’s digital marketing solution was able to give Bombardier Painting more time to focus on running their business (not handling their own marketing)
  • How Hibu has delivered enough leads that Jason has to turn away jobs (really!)


[Video transcript]

The visibility has increased tenfold with Hibu. I don’t have to advertise in any other way – they’ve just taken the ball and ran with it and the results have been great.

Hi, I’m Jason Bombardier, and I run a full-service painting company located outside of Pittsburgh, PA.

My stepfather was a painter. He introduced me to the trade before I went into the military, and then as soon as I got out of the military, I picked it right back up. I worked for a company for a little while and then eventually branched out on my own.

Before Hibu, we were basically handling everything on our own. There was no automation. The website that we had was very basic, and the traffic to the website was very low.

Seeing the results that I’ve achieved from Hibu in the last 6 months have blown my mind, because I’m looking at over 750 visits on my website per month, and double the amount of reviews. The leads are just off the charts. We’re having to turn away work, and I’m constantly looking to hire new guys at this point.

It was easy to get started with Hibu because my rep was very responsive and walked me through all the steps. A new website was designed for me. All my reviews and all my feedback is totally automated — I don’t have to reach out to any customers to get any feedback.

Having one person manage all my online presence has really taken a lot off my plate and off my mind and allowed me to focus on other aspects of my business.

My experience with Hibu has been nothing but positive. I can’t recommend it enough. They basically have taken my business to the next level.