Hibu Client Conversation: ACE Construction

You name it, ACE does it — from construction to fencing to roofing to plumbing, they're truly a jack of all trades. And Hibu is happy to help them connect with the right customers!


[Video transcript]

I think one of the big things that the construction industry deals with that's an issue is having bad leads... and it seems like Hibu does a really good job to drive us good quality customers. 

My name is Ryan Gates, I work for ACE and Sons Fence Company. I'm project management, sales and part owner. At ACE, we offer a variety of different services. We can do anything from a kitchen remodel up to a room addition and the small things in between. 

I think it's beneficial to keep all the digital marketing with one company like Hibu because it's easier just to go to one service rep instead of seven different other ones. In the past, we've used different companies for different services... and it just seems like a headache to try to get them all to work together versus just having one person to go to.

[Hibu allows] us to reach our customers in a variety of different channels. I hear a lot of people telling me they see our ads everywhere — on Facebook, on the display ads, and then on Google as well.

"Since working with Hibu, we've seen our revenues go up by 20%."

The biggest benefit of working with Hibu is definitely the results that they give us... but another good benefit is working with the same team and people, over and over. The team at Hibu is great. Everybody's really attentive and they're caring. Sometimes we can fall behind on our tasks, and they're always there to make sure that we get them done and push us in the right direction. 

"Partnering with Hibu was the right decision for our company. It's been a really easy process. They're really easy to work with and they give us great results."