AAA Carting

Hibu Client Conversation: AAA Carting

When Hibu met AAA Carting, they had advantages that any small business would envy. They had a great team… a wide, populated service area… and offered a service everyone needs (trash hauling). But they were still having trouble targeting the right customers, and their “cast a wide net” approach needed some refinement.

Watch their story to see where they started with Hibu… what they added on to get even better results… and what Hibu is doing for their business today.

[Video transcript]

Hi, my name is Pat Cartalemi, I’m the Office Manager at AAA Carting. We’re a multi-generational company located in the lower Hudson Valley in West Chester county. We provide roll-off commercial and residential garbage service throughout multiple counties in New York and even into Connecticut.

Our biggest marketing challenge at AAA Carting was reaching the right customer. Before, it was reaching out to just a broad network of everybody. And Hibu was able to target it to the customers that would lead to the most sales for us.

AAA Carting has a few challenges in marketing that Hibu was able to keep up with. It’s staying relevant in the Google searches. Hibu continues to update our page and our keyword to be relevant…to have us show up at the top of searches… so that we get the right calls and we show up first when people search for us.

My Hibu rep as well as the team behind him makes changes to our website…makes changes to our marketing…within hours. Really great responses any time of the day that we need to get in touch with them — there’s always someone to get in touch with.

Having all our marketing with one provider makes it so much easier. There’s on dashboard to go to…one way to track all of our calls and all our leads…and to know if our marketing is working — and it is.

In the last 3 months, we’ve had over 4,000 results to our website…calls, form fills…it’s amazing the amount of growth that we’ve gotten from using Hibu, and the amount of leads that it’s generated, and the sales that it’s generated for our business.

We were doing just straight pay-per-click when we started with Hibu, and over time the market got saturated. My Hibu rep called me about different services that Hibu offered in the organic search market, which we immediately signed up for, and we’ve seen nothing but substantial growth in our advertising since we’ve added that package to our online advertising.

AAA’s advertising is only done through Hibu. It’s the only place AAA advertises, and it is a direct correlation to all of our sales. Besides word of mouth, the only way that AAA advertises is through Hibu… and our continued sales year over year, the growth has all been attributed to Hibu’s marketing campaigns.

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