Small Business Small Talk News Update: Hibu’s New Web Push Notifications

Hibu News Update

Now, Hibu clients can get important notifications on their phones, tables, desktops and laptops – wherever they choose. Listen to this very quick update – about 90 seconds, give or take – as Nick Hopkins, Hibu’s VP Product, Strategy & Development, gives us an inside look at Hibu’s new Web Push Notifications.

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Hibu’s clients can receive immediate, real-time notifications for important marketing events like new leads and reviews, and now these updates can be received on virtually any device through Hibu’s advanced Web Push Notifications – desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet. 

In today’s fast-paced world it’s crucial for local businesses to respond quickly when customers reach out whether by phone, text message or email, or by posting a review.  The Hibu platform enables clients to configure and receive real-time notifications for the events they care about the most, via email, text message, and now web push, as well.

Small business owners need never again miss a chance to turn an opportunity into new business, or to thank a loyal customer.

The advantage of web push is that you don’t have to download and install a new app.  You can set it up right from the Hibu dashboard. And unlike with text messaging or a mobile app, it can deliver real-time updates on whichever devices you choose – wherever you like to work.

Plus, Hibu’s Lead Scoring technology automatically analyzes each lead and determines whether it’s a quality lead, a potential lead, or marketing spam or bot activity.  So, you can quickly identify and respond to events that need your attention – and avoid being distracted by those that don’t.

Web push notifications are yet another way we continue to evolve the Hibu platform to deliver more value, and more Return on Investment, for our clients, as well as to help them manage their day-to-day operations more effectively and efficiently.  

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