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Podcast: Dr. Jordan Job, DDS talks to us about marketing strategies

Today we’re speaking with Dr. Jordan Job, DDS (@jordanjobdds) to discuss his journey as both a dentist and small business owner, marketing strategies that have worked for his dental practice, and the lessons he's learned along the way.



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[Podcast transcript]

Ian Messinger  00:01
Hi, you're listening to small business small talk powered by Hibu. I'm your host, Ian Messinger along with my co-host, Lauren Blackford.

Lauren Blackford  00:08
Hey there.

Ian Messinger  00:09
At Hibu our goal is to help local businesses across America succeed and grow with digital marketing. And a great way to do that is to hear firsthand stories of how actual businesses have used digital marketing to reach their specific customers. Today, we're talking with Dr. Jordan Job, DDS. Hi, how are you?

Dr Jordan Job  00:28
Doing? Good, how you doing?

Ian Messinger  00:31
Good, good. Happy to have you here today.

Dr Jordan Job  00:33
Thank you, Lauren. How you doing?

Lauren Blackford  00:35
I'm great. Great.

Dr Jordan Job  00:37
Awesome. Thanks for having me.

Ian Messinger  00:38
Yeah, yeah, thanks for making the time. So, Dr. Job is one of our clients here at Hibu. And we wanted to kind of get back into if you listened to last few episodes, we've talked to some other folks in the small business industry and ask them about how they're marketing their business. And we really want to get back to talking to some of our clients about what's working for them working with Hibu. So, if you don't mind, it'd be great. If you could just kind of give us a brief introduction, what you do, how you got here, how you got into the business. And yeah, we'll take it from there.

Dr Jordan Job  01:11
So, I've been out of dental school, I went to Ohio State University, for about 10 years, I actually for a year actually was down in Columbus and was working for somebody as an associate. And the opportunity came for me to take over for a guy that was retiring and, you know, big shoes to fill… it was it was moving from Columbus to Cleveland, and decided to make the jump and purchase the practice, take it over run it. And from there for the last nine years, we've continued to, you know, moniker is patient care, his standard of care, and, you know, just kind of grow the practice and try to improve the technology and overall patient experience. We just tried to do that for them a couple years ago, we actually just moved out of our old location to our new location, it is probably about 15 minutes east of where it was in Parma heights. Unfortunately, I've heard some stories that the building is no longer accessible. It sounds like it's condemned at the moment. So, not at a really good time. Right. So, ever since moving, we've grown, you know, just having the location change, eventually running into to the company Hibu… Erin had come in and just kind of… we talked but going in on that we just have grown day by day, it just seems like we're getting new patients as we, as we grow along. So, things have been great. Things have been really good.

Ian Messinger  02:36
Great. And before, before an Erin came along, what were you guys doing as far as a marketing plan?

Dr Jordan Job  02:42
So, that's the thing too, when you get out of school, you want to learn dentistry and just try to you know, how do you do a crown? And you know, with our and how do you do root canals or extractions and balancing time. And, you know, when I had taken over from the old practice, there was the original staff that the original owner had had. So, there was a lot of, there was actually a lot of drama, when I first got in, there was stuff behind the scenes that I didn't know about. And then it kind of came to fruition that a lot of these girls didn't get along with each other. Those first few years are growing pains. So, social media and marketing wasn't really on my mind. Because I figured Oh, word of mouth is what is translating, you know, is what the Old School of Theology was. And that's kind of what I was banking on. And I was noticing that we did have the same patient base, but we were, you know, some patients move and then so on the flip side, we're losing patients. So, you know, you want to give them a quality appointment, and make sure that they're cared for it. 100% and that only goes so far. So, as we develop the business, you know, the dental skills within the, you know, probably three, four years into it. It was like, Well, how do we grow the practice? So, it just, it really started from the ground up. I didn't know from the original owner, he kind of once I bought it, he was like, Alright, have at it. So, but to to grow it… we had a website to start first. The first year I was out. I didn't look at it for five years, maybe. But it was really the move that kind of, you know, jumpstart it. So, I think there's always something you know, once you get your base down. Yeah. Moving to the next step, and that's kind of where we're at right now, especially within the last year and a half. It's been great with the marketing change.

Lauren Blackford  04:31
Yeah, so that transition from you know, just wanting to be a dentist to becoming a business owner. There's a lot to it, as you mentioned, and so can you talk us through when Erin your sales rep from Hibu started working with you, you know how that experience went, handing over to her and to Hibu the marketing aspect of your business.

Dr Jordan Job  04:52
Before Erin came in, I'd actually was like, we need to revamp the website since we moved and it was kind of motivating that way. I'd signed up with A company that was out of state, I just kind of read in a dental magazine, like, this is an award-winning dental marketing, you know, website design. I noticed probably within the first two or three months, I was not getting kind of the love and support that I was gaining. And that's what you want. I mean, it's same thing with my patients, patients deserve to have someone that walks them through everything. When Erin walked in, she obviously had said, Hey, we do social media marketing, we're looking to grow your practice. And I think the main thing that made me decide let's give it a shot is it wasn't working with that other company. It was somebody local, which I think is very, very important is somebody that can come to your office and discuss options for you, which has been huge. So, I made the decision to make change, let's see how things go. And the rest is history, things have gone really, really well since then. So, it was a really good decision for me.

Ian Messinger  05:56
We might touch on this again later in the conversation. But while we're while we're talking about results, and the plan that Erin helped you put in place, I'm just looking at your, your dashboard now for the last the last calendar year. And it looks like we've helped drive 1,300 leads to you know, phone calls, form fills, I mean, that's, I don't want to put words in your mouth, I assume that's noticeable. When you're at that point where you're trying to grow your practice.

Dr Jordan Job  06:22
It really has been, you know, you just got to stay up there. Same thing with the dental technology, you know, 95% of the population, I would assume check their stuff through their cell phones through their tablets or computers, I mean, you gotta move with the times. And it was time for us to kind of… word of mouth was kind of passe. And it's you know, you got to put the, the effort, and I have to say you have to put some money into marketing yourself. And that's, you know, it does cost a little bit, but what you get out of it is, you know, you by gaining patients, that's the lifeblood of the practice. Even in the community, I'm not trying to go national or anything, but just staying within the community just to improve their dental health care. You know, that's, that's number one, we just want to be a staple in the community. The Google reviews have increased… that's the thing is just the traffic… and Erin comes in once a month, we set something up, we go over what's going well, what can we do to improve. And that's where you really have to put the effort in, you know, on both ends. And it's, it's staying communicative between those two companies.

Ian Messinger  07:25
I think Lauren touched on something important to that, you know, we talk about a lot the fact that, you know, we're talking to, whether it's a dentist or any other industry, you know, you go to school to learn this specialized thing, and then you have to make this weird transition to being a business owner. And, you know, one pillar of that is the marketing part where you're also dealing with, you know, rent bills coming in, you know, all the normal things that go along with running a business, so it can get tiny once a overwhelming, it's, I feel like marketing can often be something that gets, you know, put away in drawer Until next month, because it's like, Oh, we got to deal with this other thing. And you know, I'll get to it when I can. So, it's, um, you know, that's, that's what we always hope to offer, through our solutions is, you know, what we… we get it, it's easy to, you know, find a reason to kind of skip over this as you're both running your business and practicing your trade. Let us handle it, you know, we can be that support for you.

Dr Jordan Job  08:23
Yeah, and that's thing, it's an added expense to the overhead that you have to exhume. I mean, you got to pay your staff, they got to table, the rent, the electric, yeah, the overhead is really high. And that's the thing, you know, it is it's a jump, but it's a jump worth going for, because, like I said, the new patients that read our reviews… I mean, the last patient, that's why I'm a little late, is because they saw us on Google. And we're like, you know, we read the reviews, and you know, that's what people are trust, they're trusting other people, and we stand behind what we what we do. And if people don't know that you do that, you know, what, what's the point? Just, you know, you're not you're trying to at least kind of let people know in the community, hey, this is what we do. And those Google reviews are huge. And that's the best part. And anytime I need to, you know, add a YouTube video, you know, I talked to Erin and Erin will just, you know, upload it right to the website. How can we blog? That's something we're going to look into doing more in the future… is just, you know, once a month, maybe to start is just get some verbiage out there just, you know, increase the traffic of the website, things of that nature.

Lauren Blackford  09:34
So, yeah, you know, we say all the time that reviews are now the new word of mouth instead of you know, asking your neighbor you go to Google or Facebook or Yelp to find out what people are saying. Are you finding that the reviews are the main driver of your new patients?

Dr Jordan Job  09:50
I mean, word of mouth is still you know, patient referrals are still big but yeah, that's if that's not number two or one, it's, that you know, they flip flop but yes. Oh, absolutely. We do send out letters, or cards, you know, like the Val-pack. And that has been successful too. So, just even sending out mailers are good, but obviously they get the mailer… Well, let me find out a little bit more about that person. So, it leads from that to that to a phone call. Phone call comes in. You know, that's another thing. There's so many steps to get that patient into the chair to trust you. I mean, Sabrina answers the phone. If they don't have a connection with Sabrina, they don't schedule, you know, so there's just a lot of…

Lauren Blackford  10:37
Touch points, right. Yes.

Dr Jordan Job  10:40
Marketing, you know, the social media marketing or, you know, that gets the phone call. That's, that's the spark, but you got to keep it going. So, it's really cool. It's fun. It's actually fun. That's the one thing I it's fun to see it grow. It really is like, it's like a plant or your baby. It's just you feed it you nurture it, you watch it grow. It's it really has been an awesome experience so far.

Announcer  11:07
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Lauren Blackford  11:31
We’re back with our guest today, Dr. Jordan job DDS.

Ian Messinger  11:37
Do you remember and you may not because it's been at least a year and a half since you've been working with us. But do you remember what the process of kind of getting set up was? Like I know you've mentioned that Erin, your sales rep, is a great, you know, ongoing touch point to help you upload new videos or whatever, whatever you might need. But what was the I feel like one of the barriers for a lot of small businesses can be I don't know what it's going to be like, you know, getting the website built and doing this. And I don't I don't have time for all that I've got, you know, I've got an hour in between patients where I can deal with this. Do you have any, any recollection of what that that sort of onboarding process was like,

Dr Jordan Job  12:17
it's kind of like with anything, you have to set aside some time you are running around. But if you schedule ahead, you're able to set up that meeting. Erin's had to wait in the waiting room, 15 minutes for me sometimes same with you guys. But you, as long as us set a time to do that, it makes it a lot easier to go out and do that. So, sometimes we have to reschedule and that it happens. But for the most part, I think the number one thing was just trust, and same thing with me. Same thing with it, it's like I trust you to help me out, you know, with, with my marketing and growing my practice. And you know, she's now a patient in the practice. I mean, that's, that speaks volumes, you know, somebody that's marketing you that, you know, she wasn't a patient before and been like how things have gone that, you know, she's bringing her family here, and like that means the world to us. So, it really speaks volumes on that. So, yeah, that's great. That's the thing. It's just establishing, you know, when somebody comes into a small business, I always emphasize just establish that trust that she never pushed anything. She just said, Hey, I'm here. It was just a good approach. And like I said, I she was younger. So, it was like somebody I'll long term hopefully work with. And you know, but again, if she now at this point, if she moves on or whatever. I've now we've got a good base of what Hibu is all about. Yeah, I'm still learning a lot of things regarding, you know, like you said, the dashboard and what, it's still new terminology for me. And so just in that regard, that's what having her, you know, on board coming in once a month is huge. And so far, so good. Like I said, I'm very, very happy with, with my experience with Hibu. We've really, you know, that's where we're starting to really fire on all eight cylinders. So, you learn more on the dental side, and then you put a little bit more time into the social media side. And like I said, that's, you know, with Sabrina making phone calls, we're doing training on that. So, yeah, working, working with Erin has been really a good, it's been a blessing. We want to see it grow more. I mean, you know, as you're putting in more money, it's like, I got to make sure I get the results back.

Lauren Blackford  14:30
And, well, and it changes so frequently. I mean, Google never lets us you know, have a moment's rest before they've changed. You know, what they're focused on what their policies are. So, the good thing is that, you know, folks like Darryl and Erin, are coaching you through this. Understanding those changes in the industry and what's going on and where's that's to put you know, your digital marketing spend.

Ian Messinger  14:54
Yes. Yeah. I feel like there must be a lot of cases where you're obviously... like you said, you're enjoying the process of learning about marketing and, and working with Erin, I know there are a lot of cases where a small business owner, whether it's a dentist or anyone else will, you know, their first step will often be, Okay, I've got the education, I bought the business, I'm going to learn how to do this myself. And you know, like Lauren just alluded to, you know, you, you may, that's great, that's awesome, you know, and you may sit there and read a book and learn how to do it. And by the time you're done the book, that knowledge is old. Yeah, and you may not know that because you know, you took the time to read it and apply it. And then you're just kind of operating on outdated information. So, it's great to have someone like Erin, someone like Hibu, to be able to say, listen, we're keeping up with this, we're monitoring what's changing, and then we're going to either implement changes on your behalf, or recommend to you, hey, the landscapes a little different. And this is what you should be doing today versus yesterday.

Dr Jordan Job  15:56
I mean, even when I'm, when I'm looking for a restaurant, if I'm out of town, going right to Yelp, I'm going right to four, four above, you know, and that's the thing, like, we're not going to go I mean, there's probably some good restaurants at 3.5, it's just a patient, a customer, you know, might write a bad review. And you know, that's unfortunate, because we wouldn't go unless they're four and above, because I want to experience the cuisine of any area you go to. And that's, that's what's fun with it. And that's thing, you have a patient there, their dentist may retire, and then they're like looking around. They go and ask their friends… they're gonna look on a computer because that's sore. What's the next thing that I can do? So, it's, it's really helped grow.

Ian Messinger  16:40
Well, it sounds a little, a little mean, but you know, even depending on the friend, you may be like, alright, well, they said this, I'm gonna see what other people are saying, because maybe their experience was great. And other people are like, whoa, not for me, or vice versa. So, you know, I don't even know these days, if it's an either or I think a lot of times, it's both it's personal recommendations, and then validating that by kinda, you know, crowdsourcing, what other folks are saying to

Dr Jordan Job  17:06
Yeah, and that's the thing is just stand behind what those people are talking about, because of their, you know, you can have a bad day, but you don't bring it here. You know, it's, that's the thing, you don't ever want to give a patient a bad experience. It takes one bad patient to ruin 10 good reviews. So, we just kind of keep that mindset, no matter, you just gotta have a lot of patients with that. So, yeah, because those reviews mean a lot. But that's the thing. You read them and you're like, oh my gosh, you know, I didn't realize I made this much impact. So, it's that's another cool thing. Like when I started, I think I had three reviews. Now we're at 83. Yeah. You know, Erin, saying, hey, reply to those reviews that helps to traffic. So, we've been doing that, you know...

Ian Messinger  17:48
And that's all automated for you too, right? Those are just you know, you're not you're not tasking someone in your office with… hey, I need you to, you know, wander the street and hand out cards asking for a review that just that goes out through email, text, and they come back in.

Dr Jordan Job  18:03
Well, she even set up like a QR code. So, something as simple as that. I mean, like, those are just like little things. You don't think about that. I mean, it's like, Duh, you know, but you don't think, obviously, like little things like that can go a long way, like, hey, how do you like your appointment? Would you like to schedule you just sent him the QR code? Our website was very archaic and very plain and bland. And, you know, just feeding that website and just trying to get it to grow has been, it's nice, because while I do dentistry, Erin does the website design. And yeah, that's why it's worth investing in that because you know, you got somebody taking care of you, and she's down the road. So, that's having someone local, as big. I think that's the main thing that made me really want to make the change.

Ian Messinger  18:45
Sure. Yeah.

Dr Jordan Job  18:47
She didn't do it. It was timing. She tied it up perfectly. Where it wasn't, wasn't happy with this. I have nothing bad to say about it. I don't even remember the company's name anymore. But that's the thing. It's just been such a better thing.

Ian Messinger  19:01
Well, Dr. Job, thanks for joining us today and sharing your experience and your knowledge and helping us help dentists like you. And to all of you listening, it doesn't matter what industry you're in. If you're local business needs a digital marketing solution that generates more leads and customers, talk with us about how Hibu can deliver the kind of results you want. If you liked what you heard on this episode, be sure to subscribe. And please if you can leave us a review. It really does help. This is small business small talk, out.

Announcer  19:36
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