How Hibu fortified one client’s digital marketing by adding Amazon Ads Sponsored Display

There’s precision and expertise needed to build a wall the right way – built to stand the test of time, carefully assembled one piece at a time. The better the pieces fit together, the better the final result.

The digital marketing solution that Hibu built for its local client, Precision Pointing & Restoration Inc., was constructed with that in mind. 

In the last few months of 2022, Jessica Eror, co-owner of Precision Pointing & Restoration, a local masonry business located outside of Pittsburgh, PA, was urgently searching for a new digital marketing partner. They’d experimented with digital advertising, but the agency they’d used fell short when it came to customer service – and, more importantly, they couldn’t deliver the leads Precision needed. 


Building an even better Solution

Nothing Precision had tried could generate the growth they needed. So, Hibu focused on crafting a custom digital marketing solution to help inspire continuous growth for the business, even during slow seasons. 

Hibu’s proprietary platform gives SMBs comprehensive marketing capabilities previously only accessible to large companies. An all-in-one platform that covers every aspect of digital marketing, from SEO and website creation to listings and reputation management, automated customer communications, multi-channel advertising and more.

For Precision, Hibu implemented an integrated digital marketing solution, including online listing management, online reviews, and social and display advertising – all built around a custom website to maximize the number of leads and customers.

“We set out [in] spring to grow our business. [My Husband,] Ryan wanted to grow by 50% – I thought, ‘If we could do 25%, I’d be thrilled.’ And we outperformed what either of us were expecting! We started with maybe 12 or 15 guys – we now have 24 employees. We've brought in three more vehicles. We've pretty much doubled our work.” 

- Jessica Eror, Co-Owner, Precision Pointing & Restoration

After their initial program was fully up and running and had proven its effectiveness, the timing worked out perfectly to allow Hibu to add one additional tool to increase Precision’s digital marketing results – Amazon Ads’ Sponsored Display.

Precision Pointing ad for Hibu's partnership with Amazon Ad's Sponsored Ads


Increasing results with Sponsored Display

Hibu is constantly exploring new capabilities to add to their Digital Marketing Solutions, looking for ever-better ways to help their SMB clients attract, convert, and retain customers and to deliver outstanding results and ROI. 

Starting in mid-2023, Hibu had the opportunity to partner with Amazon Ads to test Sponsored Display with a group of Hibu clients. Sponsored Display leverages Amazon Ads’ rich audience insights built from shopping and streaming signals, advanced AI, and machine learning technology to engage audiences across Amazon, Twitch and thousands of apps and websites.  

Sponsored Display has long been used by businesses that sell on Amazon but recently expanded to include businesses not selling in the Amazon store – including many of the types of local businesses that Hibu specializes in helping, such as home services contractors, consumer services, automotive services, and travel and hospitality. 

“As we extend Sponsored Display to small businesses that do not sell in our store, we’re excited to work with Hibu to launch campaigns for their clients – many of which are local small- and medium-sized businesses.  We look forward to continuing our work with Hibu to help their small business clients succeed and grow with the expanded availability of Sponsored Display.”
- Emanuele Borroni, Director, Sponsored Display

More than just another brick in the wall

Like most of Hibu’s clients, Precision’s marketing objectives are primarily aimed at generating high-quality local leads for their business. So, Hibu’s goal in adding Sponsored Display was to gain an added lift in lead volume and a corresponding reduction in cost per lead.

Hibu included Precision in its initial test of Sponsored Display, adding the service to its existing digital marketing solution. Hibu’s Solution provides and manages the entire digital marketing program for their clients, including their website, other online presence products such as their Google Business Profile and Facebook pages, and their digital advertising. Hibu’s Solutions also include lead tracking across all relevant digital channels, for both paid and organic traffic, to give a complete view of marketing results.  

As expected, the addition of Sponsored Display to Precision’s Hibu Solution increased already impressive results. 


More leads, reduce cost per lead with Sponsored Display

The Sponsored Display campaign for Precision Pointing & Restoration reached a mix of relevant in-market and lifestyle audiences, including consumers interested in home and garden, home improvement, and landscape lighting and accessories.  

Precision’s initial Hibu campaign produced significant results. “We’ve pretty much doubled our work. We outperformed what either of us were expecting,” Jessica Eror said. “We’ve brought in three more vehicles. We’re turning down work right now because we can’t get them in before the weather starts to change. It’s been amazing. It really has.”

When Hibu added Sponsored Display to Precision’s digital marketing, there was an immediate increase in exposure for the business, with over 250,000 Amazon SD ad impressions over the first 2 months, and a 17% increase in website traffic.  Most importantly, adding Amazon SD also boosted leads for the business by over 5% on top of what was already a successful program. 

Hibu’s addition of Sponsored Display to an already robust Hibu digital marketing Solution can drive incremental leads and reduce cost per lead. Based on these powerful results, Hibu has worked with Amazon Ads to incorporate Sponsored Display into its full range of Hibu solutions, offering Sponsored Display to its clients across a wide array of verticals like home services, automotive, personal care, and pet care. 

“Amazon Ads has rich consumer audience targeting capability based on their shopping insights, as well as unique ad placements within Amazon’s owned and operated properties. When we added Amazon Sponsored Display to Precision’s digital marketing program, we hoped to see impact not just in impressions and clicks, but also in the form of increased leads to their business – and that’s exactly what we measured.  Amazon SD isn’t just about delivering targeted exposure across the Amazon audience, it’s about real impact on business growth.”

– Nick Hopkins, VP of Product Strategy and Development, Hibu.

For more information, on Hibu’s rollout of Amazon Ad’s Sponsored Display,
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