Hibu Client Case Study: Wilcox & Reynolds Insurance

Taking over a new business — even an established business (Wilcox & Reynolds Insurance has been in business since 1942) — is often a challenge. Doing it during a pandemic brought a whole new set of challenges.

From letting current clients know about openings and closings... to reaching new clients who needed insurance, especially in uncertain times... new owner Lori Meagher doubled down on Wilcox & Reynolds' existing digital marketing with Hibu.

“The [digital marketing budget with Hibu]'s being spent well – it’s getting results, people are calling, walking in, emailing their info and saying, ‘Hey, I need a quote.’ Great. Super. So awesome!” - Lori Meagher, Owner, Wilcox & Reynolds Insurance

Check out the case study to see how Hibu helped ensure digital marketing results for this local insurance agency.