Hibu Client Case Study: Brad Dorrance, Attorney at Law

At Hibu, we know that digital marketing can work for any business, whether they're old or new. But it's not every day that we get work with a client like Brad Dorrance at the law firm of Keefer Wood Allen & Rahal, LLP — which was established all the way back in 1878.

The Challenge

When Brad Dorrance hit the reset button on his practice area, he also had to reset all his digital marketing to target a new set of potential clients. Brad needed an updated digital ad campaign and a new website to promote his new area of expertise.

Brad knew reviews were important, but all Attorneys share the challenge of requesting and sharing reviews while maintaining  client confidentiality.

There were also budgetary challenges to overcome. Because Keefer Wood Allen & Rahal is not a “traditional” practice, “everything I spend I have to pay for – it’s not a sharing of expenses. So that makes it important to economize on the marketing budget,” Brad said.

The Hibu Solution

When Brad Dorrance, Attorney, shifted his practice area to Employment Law, Hibu did everything necessary to adjust his digital marketing to target his new client prospects – starting with updating Brad’s online listings. Brad’s Google Business Profile was updated to match his new specialty.  

Brad also needed a new website that focused on Employment Law. Bobby Johnson, Brad’s Hibu Rep, said, “we developed a strategy to really expand the website into all the different facets of the employment law practice, from employment discrimination, sexual harassment, and all the other indexes and try to get him relevant with Google for each one of those.”   

Hibu also launched a Reputation Management program that generates and manages reviews that Brad could use online to assure prospective clients that he was the right choice for their Employment Law needs.

The Results

Today, with Hibu’s help, Brad Dorrance has effectively shifted his practice to focus on Employment Law – targeting exactly the prospects looking for the services he now offers.  

In the past 90 days, Brad has gotten over 100 leads, almost 950 ad clicks, and well over 1,000 visitors to his new website. “[With Hibu,] I can market my specialty more effectively and more economically.” Brad shared, “Personal relationships make a difference. It’s not only business with Hibu, [they] care about [their] clients.”

In a 90-day period, digital marketing from Hibu generated:

  • 105 total leads
  • 946 ad clicks
  • 1,128 website visits

To learn more, download the complete case study now.